OPS: Suicide Hour

1940s, New York. Eight corpses adorn a rundown, Chinatown apartment, each of them cruelly disfigured–yet the evidence points to self-infliction. Can the investigators crack the case?

This scenario was born out of the title alone. We like coming up with interesting restrictions in our writing, (obviously–just look at any of our one pagers) and true to collaborative form, while Noah had this title swirling around his head, Matt wrote a scenario for it.

If you wanted, you could easily lay seeds in the finale of “The Afflicted” that lead into this scenario, using the same characters in the same police precinct. It’s a series that we’re calling “Cold Case Cthulhu.”

Suicide Hour

As always, let us know if you play “Suicide Hour,” and tell us what you think! Also, did you know that Reckoning of the Dead has a Google Plus Community?

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