Kicking off the New Year with OSR January

Since August, we’ve been putting out free, one-page scenarios for Call of Cthulhu. The Basic Roleplaying system remains one of our favorites for its ease and simplicity to teach, and we have every intention of continuing to write for it.

However, for the month of January, we’re going to do something a little different. For the next four Sundays, our one-page scenarios will instead contribute to the already vast wealth of Old School Renaissance material. One of this site’s inspirations (the One Page Dungeon contest) is proudly and firmly in this tradition, and it would only be fitting for us to give a few nods in that direction as well.

For Matt and I, the OSR is about telling classic stories in new ways (it’s called the “Renaissance” for a reason). To this end, three of our one-page scenarios this month will be system neutral, but fantasy oriented, while maintaining our focus on horror. You can enjoy these with your favorite, number-heavy edition of AD&D, rules-light World system, or retro clone of any color or shape.

Our final one-pager this month will be a little special—a funnel adventure especially for Dungeon Crawl Classics, where your group of 25 or 30 villagers will be very lucky to see their old home again. Deep in the Goblin wastes, a prisoner exchange goes awry…

So stay tuned for more RPG goodness, this month and through 2018. If fantasy games aren’t your thing, no worries, we’ll be back in February with more Cthuloid terror for your quavering investigators.


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