OPS: The Effects of William Perkins

One of our goals  when we started Reckoning of the Dead was to become better writers. Our thought was that if we wrote a lot, we’d get better; thus our aggressive release schedule for One-Page Scenarios. Because we’ve committed to write so many, we have a variety of ways to spark our creativity, many of which boil down to simple writing exercises.

This week’s OPS stems from an entry in The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft & Demonology, by Rossell Hope Robbins (Crown Publishers, 1959). Noah held the book open while Matt stabbed his finger at a random entry. While the selected entry, “William Perkins,” has in actuality little to do with this week’s scenario, his entry served as a creative starting point for the PDF waiting behind yonder link.

The investigators are four church ladies on a summer tour of remote village churches. The congregation of the final church has some strange ideas, but they might end the terrible nightmares the church ladies suffer. A mix of humor and horror, click the link and let the terror unfold…

The Effects of Williams Perkins


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