OPS: The Lurker in the Sky

We’re delayed getting this One-Page Scenario out this week, our apologies. We were celebrating Noah’s birthday by finishing up a chapter of The Horror on the Orient Express. I’m sure you’ll forgive us. For the record, Noah’s character finished today’s episode with 5 Hit points and 19 Sanity points.

On to today’s OPS.

“Lurker in the Sky” is a classic Call of Cthulhu adventure. Set in the 1920s, the scenario takes place maybe 100 miles west of Miskatonic University. Strange happenings in a rural town, and the sheriff calls the “university types” to come and investigate. We’ve provided four pre-generated characters, as always, but if you are running a classic game set in Arkham County, you could easily insert this into your campaign.

As per our mission, we keep everything on a single sheet of paper. “Lurker in the Sky” is easily extended by adding more “pieces” to the puzzle, requiring that the investigators gather more “parts” before the horror is revealed.

Enough already, on to the good stuff!

Lurker in the Sky


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