Pathfinder Character Creation Cheat Sheet

As I mentioned last week, I’ll be running a horror campaign using the Pathfinder Playtest rules, as well as one or two first-edition Pathfinder bits to measure the heroes’ sanity. Pathfinder is one of those systems where you can spend a long time making characters. Some see that as a feature and some as a bug, and I confess that I fall in the latter category. I like to move through the character creation stage as quickly as possible and get to the actual playing. Perhaps that’s why I GM more games than I play.

To facilitate making characters with the new Pathfinder Second Edition rules, I cobbled together this handy cheat sheet. The snarky comments on the document are aimed at my usual players – long-time friends – and not meant to disparage the fine folks at Paizo, owner of the Pathfinder game. If you’re interested in the new Pathfinder Playtest, you can download it free from Paizo’s site, here.

– Matt

How to Create a Pathfinder Character


2 thoughts on “Pathfinder Character Creation Cheat Sheet”

    1. Hey, thanks for the inquiry. We played Pathfinder Playtest for a year, while we ran our World’s Edge campaign, and determined in the end that it wasn’t the best system to use for our style of gaming. Since we won’t be using Pathfinder 2nd Edition, I likely won’t update the cheat sheet. We ended World’s Edge a month ago and plan to move to another campaign and another system.


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