OPS: When Evil Wins

My wife doesn’t like watching horror movies. She was out of town for a week in February, so the dog and I watched several. The dog quickly lost interest. I probably analysed them too much. Among the many viewed were Bone Tomahawk (how did Kurt Russell get involved with that project?), Cold Skin (I don’t like sympathetic monsters, sorry, I just want monsters), and Hereditary, which, without giving anything away, is in its way an origin story. Upon conclusion I wondered, “What happens next?”

“When Evil Wins,” this month’s One-Page Scenario, is maybe something that happens next. You don’t have to see the film to understand it; it’s a complete scenario all in itself. Your choice, modern age or classic setting, I don’t think it makes a difference. A cold spring night. A remote mansion in the woods. A gruesome murder. What more do you need?

~Matt Ryan

When Evil Wins


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