OPS: Dropped Call

Well, another NecronomiCon has come and gone, marking (essentially) the two-year anniversary of Reckoning of the Dead. I’m still processing everything that happened—met lots of great people, played a ton of games (20 hours’ worth!), and had some really validating experiences—hopefully we’ll be back soon with a write-up of our respective con experiences.

In any event, I’ve got a long(er) one for you folks this week! You may note that the font size is maybe a bit smaller than usual, but I think that the idea is a fun one, obviously inspired by the drive back to New York from Providence. I hope you enjoy!


Deep in the woods between Massachusetts and New York, an old cell tower desperately needs retrofitting. Now a crew of cell tower climbers are journeying to the top of an ancient hill, where even more ancient mysteries await them in…

Dropped Call

If you’d like some more background context for the real-world dangers faced by cell tower climbers, take a look at this article.


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