And We Are Live . . .

Dear Followers,

Matt here. Allow me to introduce my wife and daughter, KC and Eve, who have joined the Reckoning team for our first ongoing actual-play experience (a couple of years ago we played through one of our one-page scenarios, “A Newport Christmas”). As I mentioned in our last post, we’re now playing through Chaosium’s The House of R’lyeh, a campaign of five linked scenarios.

The first scenario, “The Art of Madness,” was written by Brian Courtemanche and concerns a pair of missing art students and their teacher. Immediately following the events of Lovecraft’s “Pickman’s Model,” two friends of one of the missing students drive from Miskatonic University to Boston to help find her. In this first episode, you’ll meet those friends, two graduate students from M.U., Miss Gertie Jenkins and Miss Victoria Edwards, merrily played by KC and Eve. What awaits them in Boston? Tune in and find out!

Thanks to our special guest reader, Anthony Lee-Dudley, another Chaosium author and good friend to the Reckoning Team.

And with no further ado, Episode 1.



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