OPS: The Strange Case of the Missing Painting

Today we’re dropping another one-page scenario tie-in for Matt’s current Call of Cthulhu actual play podcast, Ryans in R’lyeh. Something else I’m excited to report is that this is a one-on-one scenario, designed for one player and one GM, something we’ve gotten a couple of requests for here in these strange times.

Last week, Matt’s players (by which I mean his wife and daughter) finished up the scenario “The Crystal of Chaos,” from Chaosium’s House of R’lyeh collection. Today’s one-pager can either be used as a lead-in to the next in that collection, “The Return of the Hound,” or it can be played on its own, as a dangerous one-on-one adventure.

In this scenario, play as art detective Reginald Tufts, who’s hired on to solve the perilous…

4 thoughts on “OPS: The Strange Case of the Missing Painting”

  1. I hope you know these one-page scenarios are a lifesaver for a beginner, it’s already too much pressure to memorize and keep track of so much new information (in Call of Cthulhu and the whole RPG world), being a beginner GM of a group of other complete beginners is nerve-wracking, your generosity is not underappreciated.


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