In addition to our many one-page scenarios, you can also find us in other dark corners of the roleplaying universe. Most recently, you can find our scenario “PLAGUE” on DriveThruRPG, where a team of CDC agents must contend with an unknown disease…


Matt and Noah were also featured in issue 3 of the Blasphemous Tome, the Good Friends of Jackson Elias’s 80s-style zine, and have a short Delta Green “shotgun” scenario you can find on The Fairfield Project.

Further, Matt Ryan has authored or co-authored 17 books in the Ars Magica RPG line, with cartography published in several others. His favorites include the linked scenarios “The Mound,” in which adventurers explore an old burial mound in a Irish bog and deal with the released horrors (Thrice-Told Tales), an overview of thirteenth-century Ireland and the wizardly landscape (The Contested Isle: The Hibernia Tribunal), and Apprenticesan exploration of magically gifted children and their medieval tutelage. His HeroQuest scenario “The Lightbringers’ Quest” recently appeared in Hearts in Glorantha, issue 6.