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Welcome to Reckoning of the Dead, an online, DIY resource for tabletop roleplaying games, primarily Call of Cthulhu. Here you’ll find interviews, game write-ups, and our bread-and-butter, one-page scenarios. These are intended for both new and experienced Keepers, for those looking to enhance their on-the-fly GM skills, and for quick pickup games. We hope you like what you see—leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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Matt Ryan B&W HeadshotMatt Ryan has been a role-playing gamer for the majority of his life. He remembers the hobby’s origins and the mysterious boxed set of thin white books that suddenly appeared on the Napoleonic Miniatures wargaming table in the late 70s. The Holmes boxed set quickly followed, as did the Traveller boxed set, Top Secret, and Aftermath! More of a Burroughs, Vance, and Howard fan than a Lovecraft, Carter, and Smith fan at the time, Matt Ryan’s tastes drifted toward heroic fantasy, wizards, and faux medieval settings. A latecomer to some of the hobby’s classics, notably Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest, Matt Ryan has become an avid collector of the older Chaosium and Avalon Hill titles. Having spent nearly a decade penning adventures and splat books for Atlas Games’ Ars Magica, Matt Ryan now turns his creative talents to the diabolical, the terrifying, and the twisted. With these One-Page Scenarios, he hopes to scare you senseless.

Noah Lloyd B&W HeadshotNoah Lloyd is less cool than Matt, having only started role-playing four or five years ago, and his girlfriend now refuses to let anymore books into the house. He started in earnest with Dungeons & Dragons, but it wasn’t long before he was running his friends through the classic Call of Cthulhu scenario The Haunting, only half understanding the rules and killing them without their CON rolls. For shame… Professionally, he studies eighteenth-century literature—which really was the most frightening time to be alive—and he hopes to bring that sense of unease and discomfort to all of you fine folk, one quivering lip or sweaty brow at a time.