Holiday Special: an actual play and one-page scenario, “A Newport Christmas”

As you already know, (and if you don’t, welcome) every Sunday we release a free one-page scenario, usually for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game system. This Sunday, since today is in fact Christmas Eve, we’ve decided to release something a little special. In addition to our usual one-page scenario, which comes with two very nice handouts this week, we’ve also recorded a playthrough of this very scenario, for your listening pleasure.

The game has been broken up into four episodes, for ease of downloading. In the final episode, you can hear a very short conversation between us (Matt and Noah) about the experience of running a one-page scenario. Additionally, partly inspired by Sentinel Hill Press’s recent inclusion of Kevin Ross’s notes in their Kickstarter for “The Dare,” we’ve included a page of Noah’s handwritten notes for running the scenario.

In “A Newport Christmas,” the four ex-loves of billionaire Dunmore Throop converge on his mansion in Newport, Rhode Island, to hear the reading of his will. Little do they know what terrors await inside…

A Newport Christmas

Newport Christmas Handout 1

Newport Christmas Handout 2

And as a special treat, here are the notes Noah took when prepping for the game…

Noah’s Keeper Notes for Newport Christmas

Let us know what you think of the scenario, and of the recording! Especially if you’d be interested in hearing more of this kind of thing, let us know…

A Newport Christmas, Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Happy Holidays, all you lovelies.


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