OPS: The Stars are Righteous, Dude!

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Another Sunday, and another One-Page Scenario. I wasn’t thinking  specifically about surfing when I dreamed this one up. I was wondering about the dynamics of a group of investigators who were thrown together by circumstances rather than being friends or part of a larger formal group. And then I wondered what it would be like if the player characters were actually enemies, or at least competitors. Would the scenario still hold together? Could you take four characters that didn’t like each other and build a one-shot adventure around them?

I’ll let you decide after you read/play/run this week’s One-Page Scenario. Take four competing surfers, a group of cultists, and an abducted celebrity baby, and mix them together with badly timed gate spells, interstellar travel, and Mythos creatures, and you’ve got . . .

The Stars are Righteous, Dude



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