OPS: When Sleigh Bells Ring

Hey folks, quick bit of housekeeping before we get to this month’s one-page scenario. This is going to be our last OPS for awhile, as both Matt and myself have gotten really busy in our day-to-day lives, including more paid work for RPGs, which is great, but which also means we can’t put as much time into the site. I’m also hopeful that stepping away from OPSs for a bit will give me some space to think about other articles I’ve wanted to write for some time—so Reckoning of the Dead is NOT going away! We’re just taking a little hiatus from the OPS. All right, on with the show.


p.s., Happy Holidays!

You. You are the investigators. I, the game designer Noah Lloyd, have invited you here, to my home, to play a new scenario. The scenario itself is a mystery… but so is this house, this room. Will you discover what secrets we hold in:

When Sleigh Bells Ring

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