Announcing “Burgess Springs”

Hello dear readers,

It seems that every time I write to you now it’s to announce a new podcast. I’ll keep this one brief.

Burgess Springs is a new investigative horror audio drama co-written by myself and Elisabeth Strayer. We’ve kept episodes short and punchy, with immersive sound design I’m so, so happy with. (You wouldn’t believe the number of hours I spent learning about sound design, folks.)

When a late-night radio host and an aspiring journalist set out to uncover the truth behind a mysterious voicemail, their journey unearths more than they imagined. Not all is as it seems in Burgess Springs…

Our fictional take on “true” crime, we’ve been pitching it as a little bit Serial, a little bit Twin Peaks, a little bit Stranger Things. If you like any of those things—and if you follow this blog, there’s a good chance you do—I think you’ll really enjoy Burgess Springs. (Matt’s also a guest voice actor! Bonus points if you can guess which role.) We have another wonderful theme song by Ben Cronin.

At the time of writing this, seven episodes in our first eight-episode season have been released. That means our next episode, coming out on Tuesday, August 9, will be our season finale!

I hope you take a listen, and even more that you enjoy it. You can find the show on all the major podcatchers (here’s Apple), check out our website, and let us know what you think about the show on Twitter!

As always, much love,


P.S., for those of you going to NecronomiCon this year, I’ll see you there!

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