OPS: A Night at the Chalet

We went to GenCon. While that simple, four word sentence bears the facts of the matter, it does not carry the full weight of the effort involved in the excursion and the impact felt by your dear bloggers, Noah and myself. We’re working on our GenCon recap post – added to the pile of the things we’re working on – and hope to have that up soon, but I have to mention one very important aspect of the trip, particularly as it applies to this week’s One-Page Scenario: going with Sean.

Sean is one of our regular players. He lives near me on the East Coast, and has playtested many of our scenarios, including both of our upcoming releases for the Miskatonic Repository. Sean and I drove from our homes in New York to Indianapolis for the convention, and he and Noah and I bunked together in a loft-style AirBnB for four days. At the end of the convention – we had to wait until the convention closed to help an artist friend deconstruct his booth and drive back with us – as we were milling around the trade showroom, I asked Sean, of the many role-playing games we played, which was his best experience.

“The new Pathfinder,” Sean said. “While I really liked Dungeon World and The Driftwood Verses, the game that was the most fun was the new Pathfinder Playtest.” So I bought a softcover copy of the new rules and have been reading it these past two weeks as I drink my morning coffee. I didn’t buy the accompanying “Doomsday Dawn” adventure, the companion product to the playtest rules, mainly because I’m not that fond of Pathfinder’s default world, Golarion. As I read through the rules, I wondered if I could assemble a group of players, have them make characters, and then build the campaign’s world as we played adventures. Start small and grow outward.

Which brings us to this week’s OPS, “A Night at the Chalet.” Intended as a campaign starter, this adventure takes our newly-created heroes and plunges them into action. An evil demonologist is performing a vile ritual with a stolen magical dagger and the adventurers have to stop him. Surrounding his mountain chalet, the heroes have a limited time to halt the ritual. Can they do it before it’s completed? And before the demonologist’s reinforcements arrive?

A Night at the Chalet

Because Pathfinder Playtest relies heavily on miniatures for its encounters, we’ve provided two battle maps to stage the combat.

Night at the Chalet Basement Level Battlemat Grayscale

Night at the Chalet Main Level Battlemat Grayscale

Credits: The scanned floor plans for the battle mats were taken from Waterfront Homes (Home Planners LLC, 2004), and the brushes for the trees are “tree_brushes_by_sendria,” found on Deviant Art.


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